• Fragment's Note+

    Fragment's Note+

    Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Fragment's Note which
    was released on smartphones in 2012, got a remake.
    A touching story comes to life and is newly adorned with
    a full voice-over and updated graphics.

  • Fragment's Note+ AfterStory

    Fragment's Note+ AfterStory

    It is a sequel to the story of Fragment's Note+.
    Enjoy the story that follows the scenarios "after" getting
    a relationship with heroines.

  • Fragment's Note2+

    Fragment's Note2+

    It is a remake of 'Fragment's Note2,' originally released on smartphones. The story revolves around the protagonist who has lost their family in a plane accident.

  • Fragment's Note
    Fragment's Note2 side:雫
    Fragment's Note2 side:雪月
  • Fragment's Note2+

    Puchitto Cluster

    A battle between adorable chibi characters! Puchitto Cluster is a dynamic action puzzle game. Stack same color cards between cards of another color to trigger a color change. Color changes unleash magic attacks that get progressively stronger! Stack cards quick for intense, fast-paced battles♪